La Llorona 2004
acrylic and charcoal on paper
This painting is based on the Mexican legend: "La Llorona" (The crying woman) in which a woman drowns her own 3 sons in order to live a life of ease with her new husband.  After she dies many years later, she is prohibited from entering heaven's gates by God Himself who orders her to return to earth and find her sons before she could ever enter into heaven.
So, she returns to earth and searches around the lake in which she drowned her 3 sons.  She cries out for them along the lakeside and the legend has it that if you walk around the lake at night, you can still hear her crying in the wind.
This legend was used to explain Mexico's judgment for allowing Cortez to conquer the three main kingdoms of Mexico: the Mayans, the Aztecas, and the Incas. 
These people were blended in with the Spaniards and the results are seen as betrayal to Mexico's true cultures.

This painting shows La Llorona 2004 as Mexico crying over the deaths of her daughters (the victims of Juarez) as she is forever searching for them and their killer before she can enter into peace and paradise.
My belief is that as long as Mexico puts the needs of its people last, it will never be a place of peace and prosperity for all is citizens.

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