Family Portrait
mixed media on paper
This painting is autobiographical.  It represents my family and how I interpret my family through my art.
The table represents my father.  The table is where family gathers for meals or meetings of importance.  Notice here that the table is missing chairs.  In my family, my father lives alone.
The blue vase represents myself.  Notice how the vase lies so close to the edge of the table.  This symbolizes the difficult relationship I have had with my father in my life.
The mirror on the wall represents my mother.  For most daughters, when we look at our mothers, we see ourselves.
The light coming in from the windows opposite the table and vase represent my siblings.
The light closest to the table is my oldest brother, Bobby, as I am closer to him personally.
The second light represents my other brother, Jerry. We are close, but he lives far away from me.
The farthest light represents my sister.  We are not close at all and spiritually, we are separated by a wall.
I used "light" to represent my siblings because they helped raise me and brought much joy into my life. They still do.
The colors, walls, and large empty spaces symbolize the dark family secrets that have become more obvious, painful, and dividing over time. I suppose every family has its secrets.  This is how I see ours.

This is my family portrait.
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