Regarding Clouds
mixed media on paper
"He who observes the wind will not sow; he who regards clouds will not reap..."

Ecclesiastes 11:4

This painting is about how I used to paint happy things that I thought people wanted me to paint instead of painting what was in front of me out of fear of hurting or displeasing people.

The Bible verse is about how if people are constantly worried about the wind or the rain clouds before they sow their seeds, they will never sow and therefore they will never reap.
Because I was always worried about what people thought about my art, I wasn't sowing seeds.  Therefore, I did not reap what the Lord had in store for me in my art.

In the painting, the viewer sees that the painting on the easel is of the clouds outside.  That is all the painter has been painting. 

The table represents the chaos that was in my home life.  The table has on it an empty vase, spilt drink, bitten fruit, and a over turned chair. 

As a young artist, I should have been painting what was in front of me: my chaotic home life.  Instead, I always painted happy things as not to offend anyone. 

Perhaps if I painted what was going on around me, my family would have seen what was happening and how it was affecting me. 

I shouldn't have regarded the clouds, I should have just sowed the seeds and trusted God who takes care of where those seeds land.

Now I paint what I see and let God take it from there.
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